Noren called the Ryder Cup win “an amazing experience in every aspect.”

“It was tough and fun at the same time,” he added, “and we had a great team spirit, which made the win possible. It will be great to be back with the guys in Dubai.”

For Hatton, everything is the same.

“We will remain friends, but still battle against each other on the golf course,” he said. “It was obviously a great experience the Ryder Cup but, as they say, it’s back to reality. Golf is an individual sport most of the time, so it’s back to the day job, back to business.”

Dubai is also the end of a long and exhausting tour season.

“It’s been a long year as usual,” Stenson said, “and it will be nice to spend some time at home with the family, so I will be looking forward to that. I was able to get a procedure done on my elbow a couple weeks back and have been recovering from that. It’s not 100 percent yet, but it feels much better than before.”

Molinari said that the Ryder Cup win helped sustain him for the rest of the season.

“An amazing week like we had in Paris gives everyone extra confidence,” he said. “To be able to perform so well under that type of pressure is a really good feeling to take with you.

“Mind you, I honestly was exhausted after the week, so that takes a bit to recover from after a busy summer. I feel good now, though, and I’m ready for this week.

“I am tired but very proud of my year. I don’t think I have taken it all in really as I have been so busy. I am looking forward to playing this week and then having time at home with my family in London and also with my family in Italy to really rest and reflect of everything that has happened this year.”