The Rub

from by Sean Eldon



all suited up because i'm fully grown
and not afraid push what's buttoned up
chase the dog around the room
like she can sense that something's up
they've got quite a sense for sensing
what don't seem like much to us
so i trick her into trusting me
she hates this fuckin' harness
but she pulls me 'round without it
and i'm selfish to make her wear it
but that's the rub

rain runs amok, we're soaked from nose to tail
or head to toe and probably should've stuck
to where there's awnings and protection
from the pissing clouds above
my glasses rendered useless
i can't see two feet in front
she halts and turns to face me
and a couple seconds later
not half a foot behind her
from an open fourth floor window
a fucking air conditioner hits
and cracks the fucking concrete
she smiles as if to say she let it go
and she's given me another day to live
and that's the rub

an ethereal sigh
given the chance to make my time on earth a lie
'cos up until now
i believed in god because i needed someone to blame
but enough's enough
i believed in god because she was always a prayer away
but that's the rub


from Fiction Perfect, released April 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Sean Eldon Chicago, Illinois

I am a professional songwriter, arranger, musician, recording engineer, and "producer" based out of Chicago. Hire me, buy my music, and send beer, goddammit.

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