from by Sean Eldon



mirror's hiding all the wrong things -- the good in me
keeping up appearances isn't quite the easiest
part of my routine
is this a bad dream?
water's spilling from the faucets, the mirror steams
blurring any obvious signs i've been cautious
like i figured i would be
the curtain calls me
serves as a reminder to wash what i can't see
stitch between the seams
and never let 'em see behind the scenes!

back into the clothes i slept in -- forever clean
maybe i'd be changing had i ever some engagements
like, more than once a week
well here's a new week
drying off is like a memory the water saves
shower, shit, and shave like it's the only type'a way
that i can handle day to day
without a right brain
ignoring that the mirror went and told me to my face
the man that i portray
never seems to see the light of day

if i can muster up the strength to scream
will i be heard by someone more than me?


from Fiction Perfect, released April 30, 2014


all rights reserved



Sean Eldon Chicago, Illinois

I am a professional songwriter, arranger, musician, recording engineer, and "producer" based out of Chicago. Hire me, buy my music, and send beer, goddammit.

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